Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning, the process by which students gain awareness, arrangement skills, social relationships and emotions, helps students become better at managing their lives (and schooling) successfully. Through the development of these skills, students are able to gain awareness and management of their emotions, start taking other individuals into account, make better decisions, display moral and responsible behavior, develop positive relationships and avoiding negative behavior. Oftentimes, individuals require assistance to meet their social and emotional learning needs for use within academic settings. Programs such as Possible Selves, developed by researchers at the Center for Research on Learning, help students develop these skills that are critical for academic success.

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188 days until we get to see Yong Zhao, John Hattie, Jim Knight, and Don Deshler at The 2017 KUCRL Learning Conference!

The Lawrence school district is to use our Blended Instructional model for their professional development this summer. We are so excited to be partnering with them and collecting more data on the benefits of personalization.

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